Mid July Plan and Update

Hello Friends of the John Jay Community Trail,

We will be out this weekend working on boardwalks #3, #4, and #6:

If you can’t make it at the start time we welcome volunteers anytime! Check the map below showing the locations of our work teams – boardwalks 3, 4, and 6.

We have switched the staging and meeting area to the soccer field below John Jay Middle School (where the race starts). The locations where we are working are just a short walk down the trail from there. See jjtrail.org/volunteer for map of where to park and where the boardwalk sites are.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: I am going to shift from emailing everyone on our list. From now on regular updates will go out to only the smaller email list of volunteers who have either come out or specifically raised their hands and offered to help for our summer volunteer work push.

I won’t be emailing to the main race / volunteer / sponsor / donor list on a regular basis during the summer. I will send to the larger group probably only once or twice the rest of this summer with milestone updates.

If you want more regular updates so you can be plugged into our work plans, please email jjtrailrace@gmail.com and I will make sure you are on the smaller “plain text work brief” email list. Even if you can’t attend one of these work sessions but want to be on our volunteer list you can reach out. Having a more focused list helps if we have a change of plans or meeting time for these work sessions due to weather or some other factor — we can let you know.

Sign up to get volunteer updates — or send us an email at jjtrailrace@gmail.com

Fundraising Update

We are VERY CLOSE to our goals — We have received $1,300 in donations in the name of the Class of 2019. Our challenge matching gift will match up to $1,500. That means we are just $200 away from realizing the class of 2019 goal!Your gift will be doubled if given in the name of the class of 2019! 

We will also continue to accept all donations through the end of the Summer of 2019 if you would like to contribute. We have done our best to estimate our material and supply needs — but it is always possible we run into unforeseen snags such as increasing lumber costs or difficult terrain — and might need more funds for different solutions than we have estimated. 

If you haven’t done it already, don’t forget to donate today. Thank you!

If you have any questions, please let us know at jjtrailrace@gmail.com. Thanks for your help — both time and financial — see you on the trails! 

Rob Cummings 

Click here to see photos and video of parts of the trail, bridges, and boardwalks the volunteers have completed to date.

PS: Please send this link to friends, relatives, and local runners, walkers, and hikers who may want to help out with volunteering or donating.

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