Final Link Boardwalk

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One boardwalk will be necessary on the Final Link trail segment between Bridge 3 and the John Jay Contest Field.

The Final Link trail has two important sections – the Final Link Boardwalk and the final link trail.

The boardwalk is underway with the culvert crossing 70% complete. We have one more ramp to go and it will be passable via the gator utility vehicle.

The final link trail has been graded / flattened thanks to the KLSD O&M department. We have a plan to line the trail with geotextile material and weed barrier which will go underneath a layer of woodchips. This will prevent subsidence of the trail and stymie weed growth on this trail. The upper side and lower side of the graded trail will be shored up by 6×8 railroad ties lining the sides of the trails and anchoring the geotextile fabrics that will be laid across approximately 100′ of graded trail. This trail is the final approach to the finish line at the JJ Contest Track & Field. 

Stats & Status

  • Planned start Spring 2020, Delayed by COVID, started work Spring 2021
  • Working name: “Final Linkbecause it’s the last one!
  • Trail to the east and west of boardwalk had grading work done by KLSD O&M in spring 2021.
    • Path slope has ~15º camber which is unsuitable for running.
    • KLSD O&M staff leveled the camber of the path.
    • JJTrail Volunteers will then install the railroad ties for the retaining walls on the upper and lower slope of the level area, creating a level 6’+ wide pathway for runners up to the contest field.
  • Single span 6′ wide boardwalk.
  • 12-14 foot boardwalk span.
  • Low foundation blocks with 8-12 foot integrated ramps either side for gator access.
  • Trail leveled for running, lined with geotextile fabric for material retention, weed growth barriers, and wood-chipped for smooth transition.
  • Total length: 24-26′ long including ramps.
Closeup of the riprap rocks – part of the drainage feature of the retention pond. Boardwalk will span this rocky area.
Wider shot of the retention pond showing riprap rocks on the right side. Orchard Square shopping center is to the left of the fenced in retention pond. Photo taken from southwest corner of the JJ Contest Track & Field.
June 12 delivery
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