An August Start…

JJTrail Map detail showing locations and status of the bridge, causeway, and boardwalk structures. (Green = compete, yellow = started, orange = planned not yet started)

Hello Friends of the John Jay Community Trail,

We have hit some major milestones over the past 3 weeks! Two more boardwalks complete… that’s four total plus the two bridges. We are getting ready to finish a fifth soon.

We will be working this weekend – beginning 10am on Saturday 8/3 (Saturday cancelled) and 10:30am Sunday 8/4.

** We will also work tomorrow, Friday 8/2, starting at 9am. **

If you can’t make it at the start time we welcome and appreciate volunteers anytime! We are typically wrapping up by 2:30-3pm. Check the map on the Project Page showing the location of boardwalk 3-4 which is our primary work location in the upcoming days.

MILESTONES: We completed Boardwalk 5 and Boardwalk 6 over the last 3 weeks. This is added to our completed Boardwalk 1 & Boardwalk 2 and completed Bridge 1 & Bridge 2. (See our map of project locations below.) That’s a lot of wood on the trail! Thanks to all of our volunteers and donors who made it possible. 

If you want to volunteer — even for part of one day — or if you simply want more regular updates, please email and I will make sure you are on the smaller “jjtrail work brief” email list that we use for more frequent updates.  

Even if you can’t attend one of these work sessions but want to be on our volunteer list you can reach out via email Keeping a smaller and more focused list helps if we have a last minute change of plans for work sessions due to weather or some other factor — we can let you know without letting everybody on this big list know too. Thanks for your patience!

$$$$$ Fundraising Update $$$$$

We MET and EXCEEDED our Summer 2019 fundraising goal! Thank you!!

We had an overall goal of $5,000 for summer 2019 and we raised $6,250 to date. Fantastic and amazing!

Thank you everyone who pitched in to help raise this sum — especially Apex Fitness and the Leatherman’s Loop who each made large donations to the trail building effort this summer. And thanks to the members and parents of the class of 2019, who banded together one last time to get over $3,000 to the JJ trail building fund via donations and a challenge matching gift.

We will continue to accept trail donations through the end of the Summer of 2019 if you would still like to contribute. We have done our best to estimate our material and supply needs — but it is always possible we run into unforeseen snags such as increasing lumber costs or difficult terrain — which means we might need more donations for different solutions than we have estimated. We will keep everyone up to date on our needs going forward via the website and our page. 

Donations can be made online here. Thank you! Thank you!

If you have any questions, please let us know at Thanks for your help — both time and financial — see you on the trails! Write or call with any questions. 

Rob Cummings 
914-273-2750 (M)

Contact me by replying to this email or call/text me at the number above if you have questions.

See our instagram feed here: — we try to keep it up to date with quick video and photos of volunteers and the progress we are making.

Please forward this to friends, relatives, and local runners, walkers, and hikers who may want to help out with volunteering or donating.

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