Last Weekend in July

Jjtrail volunteers,

We will work tomorrow (Saturday) starting at 10am and Sunday starting at 10:30am. We will have cold water on site and will look to be done by around 3pm. If you need to leave earlier we are always grateful for the time you can volunteer!

Join us if you can — if you can’t come right at the start we welcome you any time you can come.

Today we completely finished decking on the entirety of boardwalk 6! We did the final leveling and wood chipping of the landing — and the boardwalk is ready for competition! We also got started on the entrance ramp to boardwalk 5 and positioned materials forward to enable work on “megaboardwalk 3-4.” We already have the first section (boardwalk 3) finished and will be working on the +4 section. (They were originally 2 very close boardwalks but we combined them into one long mega boardwalk).

Tomorrow’s plan is to install ramps on both sides of boardwalk 5 and get those ramps “decked out.” We will also continue work on boardwalk 3-4. If we have enough volunteers it will go quick!

Bring battery operated drill, shovel, and gloves if you have them.

See the Instagram link below for photos and video from today’s adventures and past triumphs!

Meet at JJMS field. Thanks!!


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