Boardwalk 1

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Boardwalk 1 was the first boardwalk to be constructed by the JJTrail volunteer crew. We had help from the John Jay Class of 2019 student intern program when four soon-to-be graduates came down to help on the site of the first boardwalk.

This boardwalk serves as a template for subsequent boardwalks and is now complete and a part of the increasingly active JJTrail system.

Stats & Status

  • COMPLETED May 2019
  • Total length 34′
  • Working name: “Rose’s Rise” in honor of major donor Adam Rose for his support of the JJTrail Project.
  • Total work time estimated 3 1/2 weeks
  • Thanks to the John Jay Senior Intern Program – trail interns Kyle, Akshay, Sam, and Isaac and many others who helped out with their time.
Completed Boardwalk #1