Frog Hollow Boardwalk

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This is a boardwalk between the John Jay Middle School field and the Pit Field where there is persistent runoff and ground is saturated and always muddy.

Stats & Status

  • Started August 12. Runnable now and we are adding a ramp plus doing some grading of the approaches.
  • 50’ finished length including 44’ main span and 6’ ramp.
  • 6′ wide just like other boardwalks.
  • Foundation blocks are 6x8s and 6x6s
  • Working name: Frog Hollow Boardwalk. Because there are lots of frogs.

JJMS-Pit Boardwalk site looking from the pit direction up to the JJMS field and building.
JJMS-Pit Boardwalk site looking from JJMS down towards the pit.
2 week progress of #froghollowboardwalk