Bridge 3

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Bridge 3 is the third “big bridge” in the JJTrail construction project scope.

It has been named “The Championship Bridge” by the request of the Class of 2019 donation drive in honor of the State, County, and Section championship teams and individuals on the John Jay Cross Country and Track & Field teams. Athletes and teams will be honored with their names on the bridge.

Video from beginning of Bridge 3 work through early March 2020.

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It crosses a deep ravine to the south of the John Jay Middle School. Crossing the ravine & stream allows access to a forested section of the John Jay Campus that is adjacent to the John Jay Contest Field. The Final Link trail heads uphill from Bridge 3 and connects the rest of the trail system to the finish line at the contest field.

Stats & Status

  • Construction completed in July 2020 with some detail work remaining..
  • 65′ end-to-end total span including:
    • 28′ main span using 8×14 “glu-lam” beams which are 800 pounds each.
    • 18′ ramp on south side made with 2×12 joists.
    • ~19′ compound “Y” ramp on north side made with 2×12 joists.
    • North ramp has uphill and downhill ramp entrances to accommodate runners from either direction.
  • Foundation blocks are in place on the north and south ends of the bridge.
  • Main beams installation November 2019.
  • Outriggers and ramp foundations installed December 2019.
  • North & South ramp excavation and main framing completed January and February 2020. Decking begun.
  • Uprights and railing work February & March 2020.
  • Decking and finish work continues into March 2020.
  • Completion date target was planned to be before the JJTrail race in April 2020.
  • Construction halted in March 2020 due to COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Construction restarted late April 2020 with COVID restrictions in place and only small work crews allowed.
  • Construction completed in July 2020. Small detail work remains for the south ramp for leveling and grading the approach.
Quick video showing a walkover of the plank bridge and then again of the bridge under construction early March 2020.
Bridge 3 site showing foundation materials on site as well as current “plank bridge” on the right hand site installed by travelers on the trail prior to the JJTrail volunteer involvement.
Intermediate stage – old plank bridge and newly felled trees ready to be used for the construction bridge
the construction bridge in place
Tim and Jim wrestle with one of many large rocks unearthed with the digging of the 4′ deep 4’x4’x8′ foundation pits
Full construction bridge with start of the south foundation getting positioned but not permanently affixed (yet)
Delivering the next layer of foundation via the “battle buggy” over the construction bridge.
Jim, Mike, Danny, and Kyle work on the north foundation of the Championship Bridge in November 2019.
Feb 23, 2020
March 3, 2020
March 13, 2020
March 14
March 22 – trail work postponed indefinitely
April 28 – small group socially distanced teams resume work on the bridge
July 15