Boardwalk 6

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Boardwalk 6 is the final boardwalk in the Bridge 2 to John Jay Middle School trail section.

It is on a down slope and one side of the trail drops off significantly, creating several design challenges which were overcome by leveling the foundation beams using stone piers.

We also integrated the uphill ramp into the grade of the hill and made a smooth transition to the downhill side of the boardwalk.

Stats & Status

  • Status: COMPLETE
  • Working name: Undetermined to date
  • Total length ~35′
  • Closest boardwalk to the middle school
  • Challenging site due to multiple slopes and persistent stream.
  • Used gravel pier for support of the foundation blocks where the water flows to avoid having the current undercut the foundation.
Completed Boardwalk 6 looking uphill towards JJMS building.
Completed Boardwalk 6 looking downhill away from JJMS building.