Thank you to all of our generous financial donors!

We could not have done any construction on the trail without your support and contributions.

Banner Updated and printed on 3/9/2022. We will update the list below before the race. There’s still time to donate and get on the list of donors below!

Bridge Founders

The Page Family
The Hackett Family

Bridge Engineers

The Nuttall Family
Apex Fitness, Skaz and John
The Carroll Family

Bridge Builders

Adam Rose & Peter McQuillan
Class of 2019 Matching Challenge
Max Goodman and Family
J. Durst
The Pollak Family
Dr. Stuart Weitzman

Keystone Supporters

McGroary Family
Timi and Peter Parsons
Rose Bonanno
Joseph Neu & Elena Dunn
Bernie Kuehl
Braun Family
Brian Rooney
Leatherman’s Loop
Libby Gressin
The Buscema Family
Bradsell Contracting

Trail Builders

The Rifkin Family
Baird-Taylor Boys
Veronica & Eugene Leeds
Brehm Family
William McArthur
Conran-Cummings Family
Nicholas Vece, DMD
Hilda Gressler
The Crawford Family
Kara & Damien Whelan
Lisa and Bill Glenn
Sam Posner
The McPartland Family

Trail Blazers

Corliss Law Group
Lewisboro Lions
MacDonald Family
John & Pat Cummings
Nina & Marc Schreiber
George Scott
Current & Former JJXC Members
August Wachter
Cathy Migden
Gemma Nuttall
Grace Kenny
John Reed
John Tobin
Lawrence Koppl
Mike & Ruth Vellensky
Paul Triggiani
Rich Sklarin
Ryan Comstock
The McGuire Family
The McMahon Family
The Monteleone Family
The Murphy Family
Tony Gonçalves
Daniel Kortick

Trail Harriers

Eric Foxhall
Joseph Kelly
William Seibert
Aiden Oates
Andrew Simmes
Arthur & James Cunningham
Beth Karawan
Brenden Oates
Buchman Family
Daniel Welsh
David & Jim Raneri
Doug Petkanics
Elaine & Stanley Barbakoff
Erika Pierce
Evans Longacre
Gabriel Brecher
Gordon Aydelott
Jack & Kevin McMahon
Jack Capobianco
Jamie and Jasper Meikle
Jean Keskes
John Zeiger
Kate Eberhardt
Kris Scholer
Larry & Jill Mango
Larry & Kathy Martin
Lisa Keenan
Logan Aceste
Lorraine Gallagher
Marjorie Schiff
Michael & Janet Heneghan
Noreen Regan
Paul Saloom
Rhea Johnson
The Dauterman Family
Amanda Godsoe
The Rebori Family

Trail Navigators

Brendan & Judy McCormick
Lauren Diack
Julia Mord
The Gordon Family
Jeffrey Koenig
Christopher Gulotta
Jennifer Summer
Bryce & Amelia Walsh
Christopher Gambelli
Aarti Comstock
Benjamin Baker
Brendan Murphy
Carrie Barratt
Charles Frankel
Christian Degenhardt
Gaurang Trivedi
Graham Brown
Hannah Strasser
Jackson Family
Janet Donohue
Jennifer Hench
Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsoe
Jill & John Gusmano
Justin Puccio
Kat Tambor
Ken Finkelman
Kyle Hafter
Mark Ligorski
Michael Murphy
Nancy Kozuchowski
Otto Berkes
Pop Lennon
Rachel Massa
Scott Daly
Sophia B. Walsh
Susan Scholer
The Barniv Family
The Paulsen Family
William Hurlin
Zack Melnick
Will Moreo
Tanya Spruill

Trail Connectors

James Mcgough
Tara Ford
Simon Young
Dickerson Family
Amy Colley
Andrea Dallaire
Brendan O’Malley
Craig Cox
Elizabeth McGoldrick
Jack Nelson
Jennifer Sicard
Jeremy Hill
Jim Crimmins
John Spens
Joseph Cloidt
Justin Stanford
Mary Walsh
Matthew Chen
Mike and Barbara Lena
Mike Surdej
Nancy Barlow
P. Gary Mennitt
Shirley Wittner
Tanya-Marie Sweeney
Tiana Edwards
Yafit Partouche
Tom Curley
Amy Raffle
Jason Colvin
Harley Pastore
Matthew Chen
Meghan Lynch

Trail Supporters

Alexander Horn
Beth Llanos
Jennifer Zogg
John Ngbokoli
Karen Panzirer
Martina Roberts
Karen Haitoff
Amanda Brenes
Amy Raffle
Debbie Rabinowitz
Emily Cunningham
Jerre Skeats
Julie Creech
Lynne Schur
Maureen Chiodo
Maureen Lennon
Pascal Partouche
Paul Funke
Stefanie Tremain
Sue DePietro
Allison Bickler
Ashley Malan
Christopher Eliot
John Goodrow
Toolan family
Charles Vaccaro
The Turkel Family

The listing of donors above was last updated 2/22/2022 and will be updated again before the April 3, 2022 race.

If you see an error or omission, please let us know ASAP via email at Thanks!

Donate to the ongoing John Jay Community Trail Building by clicking here.

If you are interested in supporting the trail building effort and you would rather print out a form and mail in your donation check, please click below to download the printable form with mailing address and instructions here:

Bridge Founders, $5,000+; Bridge Engineers $2,000-$4,999; Bridge Builders, $1,000-$1,999; Keystone Supporters, $500-$999; Trail Builders, $250-$499; Trail Blazers, $150-$249; Trail Harriers, $100-$149; Trail Navigators, $50-$99; Trail Connectors, $25-$49; Trail Supporters, under $25