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2024 sixth annual race photos

2023 fifth annual race photos

2022 fourth annual race photos

2021 third annual race photos

2019 second annual race photos

2018 inaugural race photos

Trail and Bridge Building Photos and Video (Clips and Edited Video)

Collage of trail work photos from 2016 – 2020. Click/tap for larger image.

During the clearing of the trails and the construction of the bridges, we have documented it via photos and video. Many of these photos can be found here and a small selection can be found below the video link.

Time-lapse of Boardwalk #1 construction early May 2019

Some before and after photos

Bridge #1 Progress
Bridge #1 during construction and after completion.
Bridge #2 Progress
Boardwalk progress
Boardwalk #2
Boardwalk #3
Boardwalk #3 foundation work
Boardwalk #3 foundation

If you want to see a community of trail volunteers in action, click on the video below showing trail planning, clearing, staging, and bridge building: