Course Map

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The map below is the 5k course map with notes for the 4k Jay Walk course and the 200m Kids Jay Dash as well.

If you are looking for a trail map without all of the pink markup about course directions, click the link above back to the trail map.

This is the course for the 2022 John Jay Community Trail Races and the proposed course for the JJXC 5k competitions starting in Fall 2022 (pending course certification).

Course description (Pink line on the map above)

Course description:
-Start on north edge of JJMS field facing south
-Loop once then head north towards Pit
-Loop the pit field then head back to JJMS field
-Cross JJMS field and head into trail head
-Follow trail downhill and west over boardwalks
-Left after Bridge #2 / boardwalk going south
-South Loop turns back north deep in woods
-Cross Bridge #1 then back to Pit field.
-Cross Pit field and JJMS field
-Head back into south woods
-Cross over Bridge #3 and head up hill
-Last 0.2 mile is uphill on Final Link trail
-Finish on purple track 200m sprint.