The Ides of July

See below for boardwalk 6 progress video slideshow from 7/7/19 – 7/15/19.

We are working on the trail tomorrow morning (Tuesday 7/16) starting at 10am. Meet at JJMS field near our rock pile. at the far end of the field.

Also Friday 7/1910am 9am start (due to hot weather we will end at 1pm).

UPDATE: Due to the HEAT WAVE conditions we will skip trail work this weekend 7/20-7/21. Our advice: Seek a cool and/or watery spot and keep hydrated with the beverages of your choice this weekend! And share our photos & video at with your friends to get them to come out and volunteer!

Next week Monday 7/22 is a rain day — so we will start up again on the cool Tuesday morning 7/23 at 10am.

Thanks everyone who has volunteered and donated to date to help make the JJTrail happen.

We exceeded our Summer 2019 fundraising goal and continue to work on the boardwalks and soon Bridge #3! THANK YOU ALL DONORS!!! We also met our Class of 2019 Challenge Donation Matching Gift!

We have done our best to estimate the costs of lumber and materials, but as we near the end of the summer we may find changes in pricing or unexpected additional work requires additional funding so we are keeping our donations page open all summer. We continue to build as donations are made.

Stats & Status of construction projects (in order on the trail going from the Pit field up to JJMS):

✔︎ Bridge 1 – 26′ span, 2x 16′ ramps – competed October 2017 (total work time: 2 1/2 months)
◻︎ Floodplain Causeway – 45′ boardwalk, currently has temporary “construction causeway” in place to facilitate materials movement. Work to commence on final boardwalk for the causeway in August 2019
✔︎ Bridge 2 – 27′ span, 20′ ramp plus 46′ boardwalk extension – Completed April 2018 (total work time 3 1/2 months)
✔︎ Boardwalk 1 – total length 34′ – completed May 2019 (total work time 3 1/2 weeks)
✔︎ Boardwalk 2 – total length 30′ – completed June 2019 (total work time 2 1/2 weeks)
◻︎ Boardwalk 3/4 – total length 28′ of original boardwalk 3 ✔︎ built so far – neighboring boardwalk 4 merged with boardwalk 3 for a total finished length of 56′
◻︎ Boardwalk 5 – total length 42′ including ramps- foundations in progress July 2019
◻︎ Boardwalk 6 – total length 34′ – main decking done ✔︎ (as seen in video!), ramps ◻︎ in progress July 2019
◻︎ Bridge 3 – 28′ span, 2×16′ ramps, foundation blocks on site, main beams ordered and at King Lumber awaiting delivery. Esitmated construction start late July/early Aug 2019
◻︎ Upper Boardwalk 1 – 12′ span across drainage “riprap” near JJ Track. Trail surveyed and needs clearing, work to commence August 2019.

There is still lots to do — but we are getting it done with our fantastic student and community volunteers! – hashtags #jjtrail #jjvolunteer #jjboosters

Donate here: – thank you to everyone who has helped!

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