Felling Trees and Creating Trails

JJTrail Volunteers,

It was a busy and productive weekend on the JJ Trail!

Saturday was a day for chainsawing and material moving. Lucas, Jake, Mike, Tim, Jim, and Mike S worked to take down several dead trees on the Causeway route. Later in the work day, David, Rob, and Jim moved all of the dimensional lumber from the Pit Field down to the Causeway site ready to be used when the Causeway foundation is laid out.

On Sunday we created a brand new trail — The FINAL LINK trail. The name says it all. This trail is the final quarter-mile link that takes runners from the site of the Championship Bridge up the hill to the John Jay Contest Track & Field. It goes on the school property behind the Meadows and Orchard Square shopping center and comes out on the grass just south of the bleachers at the contest field.

The experienced crew, brought by Gary, and helped by Dan, Doreen, Erich, Devin, and Rob, cut through invasive Japanese barberry, removed rocks, extracted roots, cleaned up trash, and cut trees and grass. The trail looks like it was always there and creates a option for the teams and school that was never there before.

While the Final Link crew was blazing new trails, Mike, Jim, and Tim took down three large trees at the site of the Championship Bridge. These three trees were in the path of the bridge span and they will form the supports for the temporary construction bridge for building the new Championship Bridge.

In the next weeks we will be working on digging the foundation pits for the Championship Bridge and laying out the foundation for the Causeway Boardwalk.

There will be plenty of volunteer opportunities – reach out to us via email at jjtrailrace@gmail.com to get on the volunteer distribution list. We usually email early in the week and just before the weekend with the next few days plan.

We have started our Fall Finish Fundraiser. We are looking to raise an additional $4,000 to complete the final trail construction projects. Visit runsignup.com/jjtrail/donate for a direct donation link. You can also send a check via mail. Visit jjtrail.org/donate for more information.

Thanks for your help & see you on the trail!

-Rob Cummings

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