Cause Way or the Highway

This weekend we started on the Causeway Boardwalk.

According to Wikipedia,

causeway is a track, road or railway on the upper point of an embankment across “a low, or wet place, or piece of water”


In December 2018 we constructed a temporary “Pallet Causeway” to enable users of the trail to get across the muddy section of trail. In May we added the second lane to the causeway to make it possible to travel with the utility Gator across the span for materials transport.

Now the time has come to retire the pallet causeway.

We have started the disassembly and at the same time started the construction of the new proper boardwalk. The span, when finished, will be 56 feet long. In addition it will have 5-6′ of ramping to get up and down from the causeway. Final total length TBD but it will be our second longest boardwalk span constructed — and the third longest structure we have created on the trail.

Disassembling the pallet causeway

More news as we progress with this project…

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