Final Link Trail and Boardwalk Work Fall 2021

We have been working on the Final Link Trail and Boardwalk since Spring 2021 and have made some serious progress. Check the link to see where this part of the trail is and how it relates to the rest of the John Jay Community Trail and XC Course.

The Final Link trail and boardwalk is just down the hill from the John Jay Contest Track & Field. It was designed so that the full cross country course would finish on the Contest Field so that runners would finish in the stadium.

The JJTrail system with bridges and boardwalks labeled and trail courses shown in purple. The Final Link boardwalk is on the right land side just below the JJ Contest Track & Field.

With the boardwalk span finished, and 100+ feet of trail graded by the KLSD O&M Department, we are ready to lay down the trail base and line the edges of the trail with retaining walls. Once these elements are finished we can install the up and downhill ramps to the boardwalk so the runners and gator can pass freely over the span similar in quality and durability to the other seven boardwalks and three big bridges already built on the trail.

Final Link trail and boardwalk cross through the center of this overhead photo. The trail connects the middle school field trail with the John Jay Contest Track & Field.

If you are interested in helping, please reach out to and let us know. We will build up a list of willing volunteers for the Fall and Winter work to come. Our plan is to finish the Final Link Boardwalk and Trail before the 4th Annual John Jay Community Trail Race tentatively set for Sunday, April 3, 2022.

We are also doing a soft open of race registration for next year’s race in conjunction with your John Jay Boosters Club membership for the 2021-22 school year. If you haven’t already done so, please join the John Jay Boosters Club and at the same time add on a 5k JJTrail Race entry or 4k Jay Walk entry for half of the regular price. Such a bargain! And you are supporting John Jay Athletics by becoming a John Jay booster.

The John Jay Booster Club has been a crucial part of funding the building of the John Jay Community Trail since 2015. All money donated to the trail building has gone through the JJ Boosters 501(c)3 organization and is fully tax deductible. All donations have been used for materials, tools, hardware, and signage for the trail.

We are now embarking on our “Final Link Fundraiser” where we hope to raise the final $5,000. As you know, wood and materials pricing has nearly doubled over the past year. Your support means we can complete the project. Visit our donor page highlighting our fantastic and much-appreciated community donors over the life of the project.

We also thank our race sponsors who support the JJTrail Race and the JJ Boosters Club.

The end of the project is in site — 2022 we will officially open the full course.

Be a part of John Jay history by running, walking, dashing, volunteering, sponsoring, or donating to support this fantastic community resource.

Final link trail showing partially completed Final Link Boardwalk and the start of the trail foundation layers that will keep the trail clear of vegetation and make it very low maintenance.

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