July 4th Weekend Recap – And A Look Ahead

We had a productive July 4th weekend! We began the location, layout, and leveling of boardwalk #3 early in the week and got the framing done just before the weekend. We worked Friday July 5, skipped the torrential rain & thunder day on Saturday July 6, and worked a good 5 hours with 15 hardy volunteers on Sunday July 7th to get the decking started and pieces positioned for Boardwalk #4.

Thank you Erich, Devin, Bryce, Amelia, Michaela, Jesse, Martin, Alyssa, Morgan, Rina, Lauren, Ian, Tim, Mike, & Rob.

We have a new instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/jjtrail/– share your #jjtrail tagged photos!

Upcoming week plan

Working tomorrow 7/8 and Tuesday 7/9 starting at 10am. Switching up the meeting spot! Meet at middle school parking circle to head to the site of boardwalks #3 and #4 (side by side). Thanks everyone for your volunteering and donations!

See progress below and follow us on Instagram.

Alyssa, Bryce, and Amelia fasten the boardwalk #3 decking.
Ian and Tim lay out the blocking between the boardwalk joists.
Boardwalk #3 at the end of July 7 work session. 12′ of 28′ of decking finished.

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