Championship Bridge has been spanned

Last week with the help of the students in the JJHS Wilderness Class, we reached another big milestone.

The class members worked together to move the four big 28′ beams for the Championship Bridge across the south campus ravine. They are currently resting on the foundations awaiting final measurement and fastening. FYI: each of the four big beams are 28′ long and 6″x14″ glu-lam construction. They weigh around 700-750 lbs apiece.

(If the video above extends off the screen you can view it on the video website directly by clicking here.)

In addition to the big beam moving, the students also spent a significant amount of time over two work sessions redirecting the stream direction by moving many rocks big and small on the stream bed to the edges of the stream. This will serve to help buffer the shoreline from erosion near to the foundations over the next few decades.

Now that the big beams are in place, we are getting the ramps and landings ready for installation. In addition, we are acquiring materials for the joists and decking of the bridge and ramps.

Students from the JJHS Wilderness Class moving the first of four big beams across the north and south foundation blocks.

When completed the Championship Bridge will be over 50′ long (28′ span plus ~12′ north ramp and ~16′ south ramp).

With most of the digging done or nearly done, much of the Championship Bridge work will be above ground and not affected by any frosty ground. We will continue to work through the winter.

Championship Bridge spanned with four big beams (grouped together to keep them stable). North foundation is shown with outrigger foundation extension for mid-beam support of the ramps.

Donations are open and always welcome! We are very close to our Fall Finish Fundraiser goal! Your contribution can help put us over the top.

Get in touch at if you would like more detailed information about our work sessions during the week and weekend.

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