A Mid-August Beam

JJTrail Volunteers,

August 15 Status: JJTrail Map detail showing locations and status of the bridge, causeway, and boardwalk structures. (Green = compete, yellow = started, orange = planned not yet started)

We had a great showing this past Sunday for the beam moving – over 30 volunteers came and WE GOT IT DONE! Thank you!! Check the Record-Review – tomorrow’s edition – for a photo of the beam carriers in action. 

The four beams are now positioned at the work site for the Championship Bridge (Bridge 3) and once we get those foundations ready we will make another call out to the community to get them set in their final spots. We will get to work on the final big bridge ASAP after the two remaining lower trail boardwalks are begun and ready for decking in the next few weeks. 

We still need your help…

Tomorrow – friday 8/16 – we will work from 9am – noon-ish. Knocking off a bit earlier than usual due to afternoon and evening commitments far afield. Please come if you can! We will be meeting at the JJMS field near the new “Frog Hollow” boardwalk on the side of the JJMS field that goes to the Pit Field.

Saturday 8/17 – is TBD at this point with a 10am . We are polling our volunteers to see who can make it for a 10am-2pm work session. Please RSVP if you can make it saturday. 

Sunday 8/18 – no work session planned. I will be dropping our Class of 2023 student off at college for his freshman year! Mike has other commitments as well so we will resume next week.

Thanks for your help as always! Onwards! 

Take care, Rob Cummings (914-273-2750 cell)

August 11, 2019 – JJTrail Beam Moving Team made quick work out of the 3000 pounds of beam material. Four trips in just under 90 minutes!

 John Jay Community Trail – Race & Volunteering

PROJECT TIMELINE in Map Form… click to see trail project progress:

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