Relentless Frogward Progress!

We moved the beams in place to the work site of Bridge 3 “The Championship Bridge” on Sunday morning. Thanks to all the student and community volunteers who came out to help!

August 11, 2019 – JJTrail Beam Moving Team made quick work out of the 3000 pounds of beam material. Four trips in just under 90 minutes!

And before we forget – we hit a milestone on Saturday: Finished up boardwalk 3-4 aka “the megaboardwalk.” This means all of the boardwalks between bridge 2 and JJMS are complete. Congratulations to our dedicated team of volunteers. There is no way we would have finished this section without the continual help of our student and community volunteers.

It’s time to step back and check the JJTRAIL map/progress video here (starting in 2014 showing the clearing of the trails and the construction at the various project locations):

On Monday we purchased new materials and hardware for the next boardwalk on the drawing board. We were originally calling it by the somewhat boring name “JJMS-Pit Boardwalk” but upon our arrival at the site we were greeted by dozens of frogs of all sizes. They demanded we change the name to the Frog Hollow Boardwalk #froghollowboardwalk. And who are we to disagree? See the beginnings of our setup there below.

We will follow up with a schedule for the rest of this week soon. The work must continue! 🙂


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