2020 Recap of the JJTrail

2020 was a big year on the JJTrail. Even with the COVID-19 pandemic affecting every aspect of life, trail volunteers still managed to complete the last big bridge – aka The Championship Bridge – in July 2020.

Championship Bridge (aka Bridge #3) in November 2020

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 3rd annual John Jay Community Trail Race was postponed from its scheduled date of April 19, 2020. First it looked like it could be rescheduled to Fall 2020. But other factors made that not possible. The reschedule date is still TBD, and we are hoping to hold it in the Spring or possibly early summer of 2021 — assuming we can get permission from the KLSD to hold the event.

In some good news, the JJTrail was used to host FOUR home cross-country meets in the Fall of 2020! Check these photo galleries that showcase our John Jay Wolves in action on the JJTrail.

League Championship meet held at John Jay for the first time in over a decade. John Jay runners start strong heading over the Frog Hollow Boardwalk

FYI – The last regular season home meet held at John Jay was in 2011 and was run on a course that looped around the John Jay campus fields twice. It had eight road crossings requiring monitors posted to ensure the safety of runners.

The new JJTrail-based cross country course requires no road crossings and is run entirely on the trails and fields of the campus. Visiting teams and coaches were impressed with the new course. When the Final Link boardwalk and grading project are complete, all course options can be utilized.

Since the building started in 2016, volunteers have built 10 new structures on the trail including 3 large bridge spans and 7 boardwalks. The spans range from 22 feet long up to the 77 foot long “megaboardwalk.”

One more project remains: The Final Link Boardwalk. Let us know if you are interested in helping to complete the JJTrail Project!

Donations are still open from our fundraising in early 2020. We are just shy of the Final Link Fundraiser goal. Click here or on the banner below to donate!


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