Video and Photos of the JJTrail Project Volunteers in action

While we figure out when the rescheduled JJTrail Races will be, take a look through our video and photo collection from the volunteer work on the trail for these past 5 years.

We also have a volunteer photo gallery – if you are not in it, send us your photos!

Big crew at bridge #2 site in March 2018. Link to these and more photos at bottom of this page.

Some of the highlight videos include:

2016-2018 Trail Clearing and Bridge 1 & 2

(includes the decking by drill light timelapse on bridge #2 near end) –

Boardwalk 1

(spring 2019)

Boardwalk 2

(June 2019) Winter’s Wipeout –

and finalizing boardwalk exit –


(combined boardwalk 3 & 4 – June-Aug 2019) foundation work –

beginning the decking –

extending the foundation –

penultimate foundation pad and more decking –

final foundation pad, blocking, and decking –

and finishing up decking the beast –

Boardwalk 5

(July-Aug 2019) walkthrough

foundation work –

joists and blocking –

decking –

more decking –

south ramp excavation through decking –

Boardwalk 6

(July-Aug 2019) Foundation work –

Blocking and Decking –

More decking –

Downhill ramp –

more downhill ramp –

final downhill ramp decking –

uphill ramp excavation –

more uphill ramp –

final walkthrough boardwalk 6 –

Frog Hollow Boardwalk

(Sept 2019) initial foundation work –

joist work –

blocking –

more blocking –

walkthrough after joists and blocking in place –

The Causeway Boardwalk

(Sept-Oct 2019) removing temporary pallet causeway –

securing foundation block with rebar –

causeway foundation taking shape –

cutting blocking for joists –

causeway with some decking –

decking the causeway –

showing causeway proximity to bridge #2 –

uphill ramp time lapse –

finished causeway time lapse –

Boulder removal

bridge 3 south foundation (Fall 2019) time lapse –

Bridge 3

July 2019 to date into 2020 –

Thank you!

In addition to our fantastic volunteers, we also like to highlight our incredible donors and our fantastic sponsors who have made this all possible.

Collage of trail work 2015-2020. Click or tap for larger image.

We also have a ton of photos and even more videos here of the John Jay Community Trail Project volunteers in action: – this link has all albums to date that we have uploaded photos and videos too.


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