Fund the Finish Line

Help Fund the Finish Line!

We are looking to continue the momentum towards completing the 5K course for the John Jay Cross Country team to be able to hold official home cross country meets on it this coming Fall 2019 season.

Trail Donation Options

Donors in the categories below will be recognized at the trailhead map sign and in additional ways outlined below.

  • Bridge Builder $1,000 or more. Donor has name appear on the top row of the bridge plaque for bridge #3 – the final piece of the course and the closest to the schools.
  • Keystone Supporter – $500 – Donor has name on the third bridge plaque which is the last bridge to be built and the closest to the schools.
  • Boardwalk Builder – $250 – Donor has name on recognition plaques for the boardwalks in the wetland part of the course between the middle school and the second bridge.
  • Trail Blazer – $150 – Donor gets recognition as a trail blazer on the trailhead trail map signs. 
  • Trail Harrier – $100 – Donor gets recognition on the trailhead map signs. 

If donors would like to group a donation together to be given in a specific name or group, we can make that happen. For example, if members of the class of 2021 on the track team wanted to combine to give a “Bridge Building” level donation and have the recognition plaque say “John Jay Track & Field Class of 2021” that is absolutely an option we can help make happen. Contact us at

We need your help to FUND THE FINISH LINE and we need you to VOLUNTEER to help build the remaining boardwalks and the third bridge. Why not both? 🙂

For more information about donations, contact us at

At the beginning of 2019 we raised an additional $7,000 from runners and community members. This was added to our 2018 remaining account balance of just under $3,000 from 2018 fundraising for a total of close to $10,000 in our building account as of the end of April 2019. Our total fundraising goal this year is $15,000.

The final push for $5,000 — which will be added to our building account — will cover the purchase of remaining materials and hardware to complete over 200 linear feet of boardwalk (in at least ten different sections) plus one final big bridge (#3 of 3 bridges) over the John Jay Middle School stream/ravine path between the middle school and the Meadows.

Time Lapse of boardwalk construction in early May 2019

Thanks for your generous support! Click here to visit the fundraising page and give what you can!

If you would rather write a donation check and mail it in, download our brochure here and send your check — made out to “John Jay Boosters Club” with “JJ Trail Donation” in the memo field — along with your form to JJ Boosters Club, PO Box 586, Cross River, NY 10518. Brochure/Form is here.

We are also seeking Trail Building Volunteers to join our active and dedicated group. We meet on both weekdays (9am til 1pm typically, weather permitting) and weekends based on availability. Sign up here:

If you have the SportsYou app on your phone from the Cross Country or Track & Field teams, you can join our JJTRAIL group using this code: ZTNS-L5H6.