We are seeking trail and race volunteers to add to our wonderful and talented group of existing volunteers.

We know that availability changes over time and appreciate any and all time community members dedicate to this community trail as we build it for current and future community members.

Sign up to get on the Summer 2019 Weekend or Weekday volunteer list.

Directions to the Pit Field where we usually meet volunteers in the morning. If you are a bit late no worries — just follow the trail, cross over the two bridges, and keep going until you find us!

For the weekends we have specific work days and times. These are subject to adjustment based on number of volunteers, the current weather, and tasks at hand and ready to go. We will typically know by the Thursday before what the weekend weather and plan will be.

For weekdays we are gauging how many volunteers might be available during the week to get tasks done in smaller groups. Not everyone is available during the week so we appreciate anyone who is and lets us know.

We also have volunteer signup for Race Committee, Student Race Directors, Kids Dash Directors, and spots for John Jay Middle School students to sign up. Race volunteer spots are open to anyone in the KLSD Community (some of the volunteer spots are age limited but those are noted in the signup) and we welcome everyone. Whatever task needs doing we will find a willing volunteer. We even have a volunteer spot for “I am not sure, but I want to help.”

Thank you to all volunteers! We sincerely appreciate your time and skills over this many-year project. We hope to close get to the finish line at the end of summer 2019 and can only do it with your help.