If you are interested in sponsoring the race event in 2020, please contact us at jjtrailrace@gmail.com.

We are looking to renew sponsorships and explore new possible partnerships.

The JJ Boosters Club is a 501(c)3 organization.

View our list of sponsors for 20202019, and 2018 here. 

We have four primary levels of sponsorship for the race:

  1. Premier Sponsor (only one per year),
  2. Gold Sponsor,
  3. Silver Sponsor,
  4. Bronze Sponsor.

Each level offers different benefits for the sponsor. Download the sponsorship form here

We also offer Special Sponsorships of key race day necessities. Once a sponsor has filled one of these sponsorships in a prior year, they are given right of first refusal to sponsor the same special sponsorship for the next year.

Special Sponsorships include:

  • Race T-Shirt Sponsor (Northern Westchester Hospital has committed for this sponsorship in 2020) – sponsor name appears at the top of the list of sponsors on every runners shirt. Bonus: Sponsor name/logo appears on runner bib as well. Visibility in every photograph of the runners, front or back!
  • Kids T-Shirt Sponsor – sponsor name appears at the top of the list of sponsors on every kid runners shirt.
  • Volunteer T-Shirt Sponsor – sponsor name appears at the top of the list of sponsors on every race volunteer shirt.
  • Finish Line Sponsor (Copia is the 2020 Finish Line Sponsor) – sponsor name appears on the finish line tape and finish line banner. High visibility in finishing photos.
  • Water table sponsor – sponsor name appears in banner on the water table at the end of the race as well as on race t-shirt.
  • Food table sponsors – sponsor name appears in banner on post-race food table as well as on race t-shirt.
  • Awards sponsor – sponsor name appears in banner on the awards table and announced at the awards.
  • Photography Sponsor – Sponsor the student and volunteer photographers who will be taking photos of the race. Photos sent to overall winners and age group winners with sponsor logo overlaid on image. Photo sponsor logo/name on race t-shirt.

Special Offer Sponsor – 

  • Local business that wants to make special offer to runners and walkers
  • Offer can be printed coupon that sponsor provides us before race day that is included with bib and t-shirt pickup.
  • Offer can be barcode or QR code included on race bib.
  • We will work with special offer sponsor to fit needs within yours and our budget.

We are also open to in-kind sponsorships such as water donation, food donation, service donations, or other donations that we can use on race day, in the race course, as an award or awards, or something we can give out to runners.

Sponsors will be:

  • recognized on this website,
  • recognized in the registration confirmation email,
  • recognized at the race,
  • recognized on the race shirt,
  • recognized other places if the sponsor undertakes one of the special sponsorship opportunities.

Sponsors can receive one or more complimentary race registrations and one or more race shirts (depending on the sponsor level) if requested. We can provide a registration code to sign up and indicate shirt size. Adult sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL; kids sizes: Kids S, Kids M, Kids L. 

Email us at jjtrailrace@gmail.com and we will get back to you promptly with options for sponsoring the John Jay Community Trail Race.

Thank you for your interest.