Final Link Boardwalks

Final Link trail detail

At least one — and possibly two — boardwalks will be necessary on the Final Link trail segment between Bridge 3 and the John Jay Contest Field.

This section has been surveyed but the trail has not yet been cut.

There are two sections of “riprap” – large rocks for drainage – from (1) the Orchard Square shopping center and (2) the retaining pond adjoining the John Jay Contest Field. The placement and number of the boardwalks needed depends on where the JJTrail traverses these drainage features.

Both sections need boardwalks to cross over them, even though they do not have a constant flow of water. The large rocks making up the rip-rap are hazardous to runners and cannot be filled with materials such as wood chips or gravel as that would defeat their purpose as drainage features.

Stats & Status

  • Planned start August 2019
  • These are single span 6′ wide boardwalks
  • 10-12 feet long each
  • Low foundation blocks