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The causeway is between Bridge 1 and Bridge 2 in the floodplain of the north branch of the Cross River.

The temporary structure made up of pallets and dimensional lumber was installed in December 2018 and it has been used to facilitate materials transport via the Gator utility vehicle over an area of the trail that is frequently muddy.

Our plan is to convert this temporary causeway into a permanent boardwalk in Fall 2019.

Stats & Status

  • Status: Surveyed and temporary structure in place
  • Causeway will be ~45-50 feet long when completed.
  • There is one intermittent stream that needs to be crossed.
  • The entire causeway is in the floodplain of the river. Heavy rain (~6″ or more within a day, depending on ground saturation) tends to bring the river up to the floodplain level.
  • Foundation blocks will be fastened with extra rebar due to the intermittent flooding of this area.
Temporary Causeway in the floodplain between Bridge 1 and Bridge 2.
Here’s a video showing water in the floodplain of Bridge 2 and the Causeway in April 2018 and the same location in Sept 2019 with a partially built Causeway.