Bridge 3

JJTrail Map detail showing locations and status of the bridge, causeway, and boardwalk structures.

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Bridge 3 is the third “big bridge” in the JJTrail construction project scope. It crosses a deep ravine to the south of the John Jay Middle School. Crossing the ravine & stream allows access to a forested section of the John Jay Campus that is adjacent to the John Jay Contest Field. The Final Link trail heads uphill from Bridge 3 and connects the rest of the trail system to the finish line at the contest field.

Stats & Status

  • Excavation begun July 2019
  • 28′ span using 8×14 “glu-lam” beams which are 800 pounds each.
  • Main beams ordered and are at King Lumber awaiting delivery.
  • Bridge will have two ~16′ ramps on either side
  • Foundation blocks are on site
  • First foundation hole has been dug on the north side (closest to JJMS) of the stream
  • Completion date uncertain as we are looking to complete the lower “wetland loop” with all boardwalks first before starting the link to the John Jay Contest field via the Final Link trail.
Bridge 3 site showing foundation materials on site as well as current “plank bridge” on the right hand site installed by travelers on the trail prior to the JJTrail volunteer involvement.