The John Jay Community Trail Project is a multi-year effort.

  • See project overview page for background and project requirements.
  • See History page for a deeper dive into the scope of the John Jay Community Trail effort.
Project volunteers in action from 2015-2020. Click for larger image or to download to your device.

Construction Projects & Status

The construction sites to date include:

Wetlands Trail Loop Section

JJTrail Map detail showing locations and status of the bridge, causeway, and boardwalk structures. (Green = compete, yellow = started, orange = planned not yet started)
  • Bridge 1 – over river crossing site 1 (COMPLETED October 2017)
  • Causeway – between Bridge 1 and Bridge 2 (COMPLETED October 2019)
  • Bridge 2 with attached boardwalk – over river crossing site 2 (Bridge COMPLETED April 2018, Boardwalk COMPLETED May 2019)
  • Boardwalk 1 (COMPLETED May 2019)
  • Boardwalk 2 (COMPLETED June 2019)
  • Boardwalk 3-4 (COMPLETED August 2019)
  • Boardwalk 5 (COMPLETED July 2019)
  • Boardwalk 6 (COMPLETED July 2019)
  • Note: the sites are numbered in the order they occur on the trail from the Pit Field up to John Jay Middle School

Frog Hollow Boardwalk

There is a solo boardwalk between the JJMS field and the Pit Field where the ground is saturated and always muddy. See original survey map included with this 2015 article for location.

Final Link – Championship Bridge and Boardwalk

The Final Link Trail goes uphill 1/4 mile from the far side of Bridge 3 (#championshipbridge) up to the John Jay Contest Field, on the south side of the ravine. It traverses the school district-owned woods behind the Meadows Condominiums and the Orchard Square Shopping Center.

  • Bridge 3 aka “The Championship Bridge” (foundation digging work begun July 2019 and worked on in parallel with other boardwalk work. Major focus and construction started October 2019. Main bridge span complete, north and south ramps complete, working on uphill and downhill ramp exits, side railings, and decking.)

One boardwalk will be necessary on this final trail segment which was cut and cleared in September 2019.

  • Final Link Boardwalk (Surveyed September 2019)
    • 20-25 feet in total length with ramps either side.
    • Waiting on trail grading work by KLSD O&M staff before undertaking boardwalk work.

Project timeline video shown in map form