Donations are open at for 2019 to Fund The Finish Line.

Donations go to a special designated account of the John Jay Boosters Club dedicated to the Cross Country Team and all funds raised through your donations are dedicated to creating and improving the John Jay Community Trail.

The John Jay Boosters Club is a 501(c)3 organization and is fully tax deductible.

If you would rather write a donation check and mail it in, download our brochure here and send your check — made out to “John Jay Boosters Club” with “JJ Trail Donation” in the memo field — along with your form to JJ Boosters Club, PO Box 586, Cross River, NY 10518. Brochure/Form is here.

We are also seeking Trail Building Volunteers to join our active and dedicated group. We meet on both weekdays (morning til 1pm typically, weather permitting) and weekends based on availability. Sign up here:

The remaining parts of the project includes constructing eight to ten new boardwalks over persistent wet areas of the trail. These boardwalks will total over 200 linear feet when they are complete. In addition, construction of Bridge #3 (45 feet total length, 26 foot span) will be the final phase of the trail project.

Planners estimate we need approximately $15,000 to get to the “finish line” for 2019.

Thank you for contributions to date! We have done our best to estimate the costs of lumber and materials, but as we near the end of the summer we may find changes in pricing or unexpected additional work requires additional funding so we are keeping our donations page open all summer. We continue to build as donations are made.

UPDATE: To date in 2019 we have raised $13,000 with the help of community members and runners from the surrounding areas. THANK YOU!!!

Some history about the project origins and work completed to date can be found here: Our JJTrail photo/video page is here.

Community and student volunteers have done all of the labor on the project so the only cost has been materials and hardware. Let us know at our contact page here or via email at if you are interested in helping out with construction or any other aspect of the project.

There are entrances at the school campus – trailheads at the pit field, at the middle school field, and a planned entrance/exit at the south end of the JJ contest field. In addition to the trail entrances from the schools there are also access points from Orchard Square Shopping Center, Michelle Estates, and The Meadows (Meadows access for residents and guests only, no public parking).

The trail is open to the community and is becoming a well-used amenity for residents and visitors.